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What to do in a Car Accident

Here’s what to do in case of a car accident where you are not seriously hurt:

1. Call the Police and get a police report, even if the other party doesn’t want to, says it’s not necessary or wants to pay you directly

2. Take photos of the damage to BOTH vehicles and of the other party's insurance card 3. Get contact information of any impartial witnesses who saw the accident and/or make sure they are included in the accident report if possible 4. If you’ve been hurt, go to a Doctor or medical facility for assessment and/or treatment of your injuries 5. DO NOT give any statements or accept any offers of settlement by the insurance companies until you’ve had a chance to consult with an experienced accident lawyer like Sid. Call 407-251-1200 for a free consultation.

Sid Roman is an experienced Car Accident Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator who brings the knowledge and experience he gained working for the insurance companies well as his mediation skills to help his clients obtain the best possible compensation for their injuries.

Offices: 4555 Hoffner Ave. Orlando, FL 32812, 407-251-1200, www.sidroman.com.

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