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When Should I Hire an Accident Attorney?

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

After an accident, it can be overwhelming to deal with insurance companies, vehicle repairs, lost wages, hospitals, doctors, therapists, and medical bills. Injuries can affect you and your loved ones long-term. Expenses add up fast and can wreck your finances. 

While you would think you would receive fair compensation from the insurance companies involved, they have lawyers and adjustors whose job is to pay as little as possible (or nothing at all) on accident claims, and to try to get you to accept a quick and often insufficient settlement for your injuries. This is where hiring your own accident lawyer comes in, especially if you have experienced any of the following:

1. Injuries that are moderate to serious or catastrophic. 2. Damage to your vehicle is moderate to serious or a total loss. 3. Your accident made existing injuries worse. 4. Your insurance company is offering an insufficient settlement or attempting to deny that your injuries were caused by the accident. 5. You are at fault for the accident, or don't have insurance yourself. 6. You are experiencing pain and suffering, loss spousal relationship, or other non-economic losses.

If any of the instances above apply to you or a loved one, please call our office for a free consultation at 407-251-1200. We would be happy to learn about your case and explain your options.

Why should I hire an Accident Attorney?

By hiring Sid as your car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer, you will have an advocate looking out for your best interests who:

1. Understands how the insurance industry works in order to deal with the adjustors on your behalf 2. Understands the personal injury laws and procedural rules necessary to successfully represent you against the insurance company's team of lawyers should the case go to trial 3. Ensures you receive fair and just compensation for your injuries 4. Ensures you receive the maximum insurance benefits available to you from all sources for your medical treatment and for the damage to your property 5. Ensures you receive proper medical care, payment for your medical care, and payment for your lost wages, among others

Sid Roman is an experienced Car Accident Lawyer, Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator who brings the knowledge and experience he gained working for the insurance companies well as his mediation skills to help his clients obtain the best possible compensation for their injuries.

Offices: 4555 Hoffner Ave. Orlando, FL 32812, 407-251-1200.

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