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Orlando, Fla. (June 20, 2016) –  We are pleased to announce that Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law student Zarina Hernandez (pictured) was selected as the recipient of the Sid Roman Hispanic Law Student Scholarship, the school’s first alumni-sponsored scholarship.

The scholarship, which is awarded to a high achieving (3.0 or higher) Hispanic law student who is actively involved in the Hispanic American Law Student Association (HALSA), is in the amount of $2,550. 


DSC_0828 (00000002).jpg

"I established the Hispanic American Law Student Association (HALSA) at Barry with the objective of increasing the potential for success of the law careers of our Hispanic-American students by exposing them to opportunities within the professional legal community,” Roman said. “This scholarship is another way for me to continue to contribute toward the success of Hispanic-American students in the field of law.” 

Hernandez was the business editor of the Barry Law Review and the president of HALSA. She said she found the involvement of the alumni with the current student body to be special.  

“Throughout my time at Barry, the alumni have been open to helping us be successful students and future lawyers – Sid Roman is one of these alumni,” Hernandez said. “I understand he wants Barry to be a great school and for it to produce competent lawyers. I'm very grateful and proud to have received the Sid Roman Scholarship."  

Congratulations Zarina and best wishes for continued success in your law career! 

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