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Top Bilingual Orlando Auto, Motorcycle, and Truck Accident Attorney

Sid Roman Orlando Bilingual Accident & Personal Injury Attorney

Large-Firm Results

Unparalleled Personal Service


Millions recovered for auto, motorcycle, and truck accident injuries, even in extremely difficult cases.

No fee until we obtain a recovery.


Put us to the test, we will exceed your expectations.


Serving all of Florida from our Downtown Orlando offices including Winter Park, Belle Isle, Lake Nona, Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Poincinana, Deland, & Deltona. 


Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident?

Hiring an accident attorney is an option that allows people who have suffered injuries as a result of a vehicle accident that WAS NOT THEIR FAULT, to seek financial compensation for their injuries and damages from the insurance company of the party at fault. This financial compensation also extends to any passengers in the vehicle, regardless of age. 


Injuries and damages suffered as a result of vehicle accidents can have negative long-term effects on the health and quality of life of individuals. They typically require medical care and rehabilitation, especially immediately and for the first few months following the impact. Accident attorneys can facilitate this treatment, and ensure that the medical expenses incurred are covered as well. 


There is also a huge legal, insurance, and administrative burden that ensues as a result of a vehicle accident, which often results in a significant disruption to someone’s life. Hiring an accident attorney relieves individuals from this burden, as the attorney represents their best interests in these aspects. 


In Florida, Attorneys are able to handle vehicle accidents and other Personal Injury matters on a contingency basis as long as the person is not at fault for the accident. There is no cost to the client until a recovery is obtained, at which point attorneys deduct their fees. If there is no recovery, there are no fees to the client. 

If you were found AT FAULT for the accident, and are being sued personally by the other party, please CLICK HERE. 

If you were found AT FAULT for the accident, and you were given a ticket you believe is in error, please CLICK HERE.

Top Orlando Accident & Injury Attorney Sid Roman

Sid Roman Orlando Bilingual Accident & Personal Injury Attorney

Bilingual Personal Injury Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator Sid Roman believes that people deserve the financial results their injury cases merit, and equally important, the personalized attention and focused counsel of their Injury Attorney. In 2013, he started his Injury Law practice with a firm commitment to this philosophy. 


After defending insurance companies early in his career, Sid found his true calling when he moved to the Plaintiff’s side to fight for the rights of the injured. He understands Insurance, knows what your case is worth, how far insurance companies will go pre-suit, and whether it makes sense to take a case to trial. 

Sid has recovered millions for his client's car, truck, and motorcycle accident injuries for over 20 years, even in extremely difficult cases. Put his expertise to work for you. 

You Deserve Large-Firm Results


Sid utilizes his insider knowledge of insurance, along with his extensive plaintiff injury law experience, and his top-notch negotiating skills as a mediator, to obtain the best possible recoveries for his clients. The financial recoveries that Sid obtains for his clients are very similar to the ones from the large injury firms, given similar circumstances.

You Deserve Personalized Service and Trusted Counsel 


You deserve more from your Personal Injury Attorney than the large firms are willing to give you. You deserve an attorney you can speak directly with, and who's responsive to your calls, emails, questions, and concerns. In contrast to the large Central Florida injury law firms where clients are just another number, Sid intentionally keeps his practice small so he can give his clients the personalized attention they deserve and keep them informed every step of the way. You will be able to discuss specifics about your case with him at any point. ​By communicating directly with Sid as your attorney, you will have the knowledge and understanding necessary to make well-informed decisions about your case. 

Book Your FREE Consultation with Sid Today!


If you've been in an accident that wasn't your fault and you or passengers in your vehicle were injured as a result, Personal Injury Attorney Sid Roman would be honored to help you. Book your free consultation with Sid today, and put his experience and successful track record to work for you! Starting with your free initial consultation, and every step of the way forward, you will deal directly with Sid, not with a case manager or paralegal.

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Auto Accident

Non-Commercial Vehicle


When Do I Need an Accident Attorney?

It Depends. Who Was At Fault? Were You Injured?

If the Accident Was NOT YOUR FAULT:


If you were NOT AT FAULT for the accident (i.e, the other party received a ticket), and you or passengers in your car were injured as a result, please click here for your free consultation.

As long as you  receive or received medical treatment WITHIN 14 DAYS of the accidentAttorney Sid Roman can seek financial compensation for the injuries and damages the at-fault driver caused youSid has recovered millions for his client's car, truck, and motorcycle accidents.


If you were found AT FAULT for the accident, and you were given a ticket you believe is in error, please CLICK HEREIf you are being personally sued for an accident, please CLICK HERE.

Sid Roman Orlando Bilingual Accident & Personal Injury Attorney


You can derive the most benefit out of hiring an accident attorney if any of the statements below apply to you: 

  • You've suffered moderate, serious, or catastrophic injuries, including, but not limited to:


  • Soft Tissue Injuries (connective tissue damage to the muscles, ligaments, or tendons)

  • Neck Injuries (Whiplash) 

  • Scrapes, Cuts, and/or  “Road Rash”

  • Back Injuries

  • Head Injuries

  • Internal Injuries

  • Bone Fractures

  • Limb Loss 

  • ​Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis 

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

  • Death (please click here for information on Wrongful Death)


  • Your vehicle is moderately to severely damaged, or a total loss


  • You are receiving or received medical treatment for your injuries


  • Insurance companies:

    • Are ignoring you or not returning your calls

    • Say that your injuries were not caused by the accident 

    • Are offering an insufficient settlement for your injuries 

How Do I Benefit from Having Sid Roman as my Injury Attorney? 

After being injured in an accident, whether your fault or not, the process of filing insurance claims, determining fault and accessing benefits is long, complex, and falls on you, the accident victim. The injuries and damages sustained can affect you and your loved ones physically, financially, and emotionally long-term. ​Luckily, you're not alone.

As your Personal Injury Attorney, not only will Sid seek financial compensation for your damages, but he will also take the legal and administrative burden off of you so that you can focus on your physical recovery. On your behalf, Sid will:

  • Deal with insurance companies

  • Deal with insurance adjustors

  • Help you get your vehicle repaired or replaced

  • Ensure you get the best possible medical treatment and rehabilitation for your injuries

  • Deal with medical bills from hospitals, doctors, therapists, etc.  

How Does Having Sid Roman as my Attorney Help me Maximize my Financial Recovery? 

Insurance companies act in their best interest, not yours. They have experienced lawyers and adjustors whose job is to pay as little as possible (or nothing at all) on accident claims, and to try to get you to accept an often insufficient settlement for your injuries quickly.


Instead of dealing with insurance adjustors and attorneys yourself to attempt to recover a fair settlement, Sid can represent your legal interests and pursue the best course of action to maximize your financial recovery. The financial recoveries that an experienced Accident Attorney like Sid can obtain on behalf of his clients are typically significantly larger than the recoveries individuals are able to obtain for themselves. 

The Bottom Line 


Hiring Sid as your Injury Attorney will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your physical recovery, while he focuses on maximizing your financial recovery and on all the legal and administrative work associated with your case. Best of all, Sid can represent you at no cost until he obtains your recovery. You have nothing to lose and potentially, a great deal to gain.  

Starting with your free initial consultation, you will deal directly with Sid as your Attorney (unlike dealing with case managers or paralegals at the large firms) . Call or book online today and let his experience and successful track record get results for you! 


The Road After an Accident is Long and Complex
We Make It Easy on You!

Auto Accident Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long After An Accident Can I Hire an Attorney?

The Statute of Limitations in Florida states you can seek legal representation for a vehicle accident:

  • As long as you received medical treatment WITHIN 14 DAYS of the accident

  • Medical treatment includes Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits, Chiropractor and Pain Management  Doctors, Primary Care visits, Diagnostic Imaging, etc.

  • FOUR YEARS from the date of the accident

What Happens During my Accident Case? What Can I Expect?

If handling your accident claim, Sid will be hard at work behind the scenes building a strong case for you. While you are following your rehabilitative treatment, Sid will be working on the following on your behalf: 

  • Investigating the details of your accident and assessing your damages

  • Gathering all relevant information (pictures, police reports, witness statements, proof of damages, etc.)

  • Identifying all insurance benefits available to you 

  • Filing a personal injury claim with the insurance company of the driver at-fault 

What are my Responsibilities During my Accident Case?

The most important things an accident victim can do to ensure a strong case are the following:


  • Follow and complete your rehabilitative medical treatment. The treatment followed has a direct bearing on the financial recovery of an accident case. Treatment typically lasts a minimum of three months (average).

  • Avoid posting on social media regarding your accident. Social media posts may become evidence that can be used against you if we file suit lawsuit, or may lead to the denial of your insurance claim.​

Will There be a Settlement or Litigation? 


Once you complete your medical treatment, Sid will attempt to negotiate a fair settlement for you with the insurance company of the at-fault party commesurate with your injuries and damages. At this point, a large number of accident cases get negotiated and settle out of court without having to file a lawsuit.


However, if the insurance company does not offer what your case merits, Sid will offer the option of filing suit and litigating your case in court. Sid will continue to represent you at no cost through the litigation process until he obtains a fair and satisfactory recovery for you. Remember, there is NO COST to you until or unless he  obtains a recovery. 

What if I am Found At Fault for the Accident?

You were found at fault for the accident,  a couple of scenarios can play out. First, if you believe you were declared at fault in error, depending on the nature of the ticket you received, an Attorney may be able to represent you in Traffic Court to attempt to have your ticket dismissed and/or have the points on your license adjudicated. Second, if you are sued personally by the other party (a civil matter), you can seek an Accident Defense attorney to represent you.


Please bear in mind that in these at-fault scenarios, attorney's fees are payable by the client because they are Traffic and Civil matters where there is no insurance available from which attorneys can recover their fees. However, If  we represent you in Traffic Court, get your ticket dismissed, and you were injured in the accident, we can then represent you in an Injury Case at NO COST until we obtain a recovery.


With So Many Injury Law Firms, How Do I
Choose the Right  Injury Attorney for Me? 

Auto Accident FAQ's

Large-Firm vs. Small Practice Accident Attorney:
Bigger is Not Always Better

Hiring a large firm to represent you after an accident does not necessarily mean your financial recovery will be larger.

Given similar case circumstances, an experienced and proven Injury Attorney like Sid is likely to recover the same amount as a large firm. Why? Because recoveries almost exclusively depend on two factors: the insurance coverage of the party at fault, and the extent of the injuries sustained.


The results we typically see advertised by the large firms  where recoveries are in the mid to high six figures or larger, typically involve two factors:


1. A commercial vehicle as the party at fault, and therefore larger amount of insurance available to recover from; and 

2. Severe physical injuries sustained by the injured party often requiring surgery or multiple surgeries, and resulting in significant long-term damage.

Because of the large amount of advertising they do, the mega-firms are typically the ones that get most of the calls, and therefore, most of the commercial vehicle accidents that typically get the largest recoveries, which they of course, keep on advertising.


Most accident cases, however, involve non-commercial vehicles and moderate physical injuries. In these cases, the recoveries are usually the same or very similar whether handled by a small or large firm (typically five to low-mid six figures).

Additionally, at the large firms, clients typically deal with case managers or paralegals, instead of with an attorney. Phone calls and emails are often ignored or not returned. Personal attention and service are lacking. Not only can all of this feel impersonal, but we are often told that clients are often kept in the dark about their case; that they don’t really understand what transpires during their case, why they should accept a specific offer, and in some cases, why their case was dropped.

We believe you deserve better. With us, you will have the large-firm results with the personalized service and focused counsel you deserve. Book your FREE Injury consultation with Sid today! 


Our Results Speak for Themselves

what our clients are saying

"Sid Roman was our champion and fought for us because it was the right thing to do. Meticulously he worked through each challenge and yet made sure to communicate everything to us so that we felt like a part of the process. 

He is a true “champion for the people” and not for fame and glory. Should you be in need of legal representation, Sid would be the best choice you could make."


thomas family, ORLANDO

Bigger is not better

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