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When You Need a Mediator in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida, Sid can help you find a compromise.

As a bilingual Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator Certified in Small Claims, County, Circuit, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Courts, Sid Roman has been providing Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services of the highest caliber to Courts, the Orange County Bar Association, businesses and individuals throughout Central Florida for over 20 years.


Sid regularly volunteers as a Mediator for the County and Circuit courts of the Ninth Judicial Circuit (Orange and Osceola counties), where he has earned praise and recognition for his almost 20 years of volunteer service. In the past Sid was certified as a Primary Mediation Trainer, a designation that gave him the ability to train and certify new mediators. 

Mediation Areas Served

We offer mediation services in the following areas: 

  • Small Claims Civil Mediation (up to $8,000)

  • County Civil Mediation ($8,000 - $30, 000)

  • Circuit Civil Mediation ($30,000+)

  • Foreclosure 

  • Bankruptcy

What is Mediation?

Mediation is different from litigation (a trial), where a judge or jury makes a final decision. With mediation, both sides can “win”. Mediation is neither a trial nor an arbitration. In a trial, the parties present evidence and argument so a judge or jury decides the outcome of the dispute. Likewise, in arbitration, the parties present evidence and arguments and an arbitrator decides the outcome of the dispute. 


In contrast, in mediation the mediator assists the parties to help them find and explore mutually acceptable resolutions of their dispute. If an agreement can be reached in mediation, trial and/or arbitration can be avoided. 

Why Mediate?

When you have a dispute with another party, a mediator can help talk through issues and concerns and try to help you come to an agreement on the path forward about the dispute.


The mediator acts as a neutral and impartial party to help facilitate solving your dispute; however, he or she does not provide legal advice. While the goal of mediation is to try to work something out, it s not always possible to come to an agreement. 

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What Happens in a Mediation?
Introduction/Opening Statements

Mediation typically begins with an introduction by the mediator explaining the process and his/her role and opening statements by the parties. This is usually followed by an opportunity for you and the other party to describe your concerns. If your lawyer is with you at mediation, these opening remarks may be made by you, your lawyer, or both of you. 



After these initial procedures, the mediator usually will meet with both parties together to discuss the issues to help you work out your differences, and he/she may also meet with each party privately (a caucus). Generally, unless you give the mediator permission to repeat what you say in caucus, the mediator is prohibited from sharing what is discussed. If you are represented by a lawyer, you and your lawyer will decide how the two of you will interact during the mediation, however, the parties are allowed to speak to the mediator at any time during the mediation. 

Resolution or Outcome

Eventually, the mediation will end in one of three ways:

1) the parties reach an agreement as to some or all issues - all parties (and their lawyers if present) must sign the agreement;

2) the mediator declares an impasse (because you, the other party, or both are unwilling to continue discussing resolution); or

3) the mediator, with the parties’ consent, continues the mediation session by adjourning for the day.


 If the mediator declares an impasse as to some or all issues, then you and the other party will have to go back to court to have the judge or jury (if there is one) decide your case.

Mediate. Don't Litigate.   

Finding A Compromise Starts Here


Mediation sessions can be scheduled at any location agreed to between the parties or in our offices, conveniently located near the Orlando Airport with ample free parking. We provide complimentary beverages and snacks. Fees are as follows: ​​

  • $175 Per Party Per Hour 

  • Two hour minimum 

  • $350 Deposit Required 

  • 48 hour notice is required for cancellations, or a fee of two hours is due and payable

  • Mediations held at our offices incur a $50/party administrative fee 

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