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What is Vehicle Accident Defense?

A vehicle accident defense matter is a legal civil action where a person is being personally sued for allegedly being at fault for an accident, and causing damages to the other party(ies). In these cases, the person who is being sued may retain an attorney to defend them against the action.


When we represent clients in vehicle defense cases, we evaluate the circumstances of the accident in order to make a determination as to whether any valid grounds or defense exist in the matter. If they do, we utilize the specific defense to make every effort to have the action dismissed. 


In the absence of a valid ground for defense and a possible dismissal, our efforts turn to mitigating our client’s liability and reducing the amount of damages or money the other party is demanding. This is of course entirely dependent on what we are able to negotiate with the other party and their attorney(s). For example, we may be able to negotiate a lower amount to be paid, a payment plan the client is comfortable with, and/or perhaps avoiding paying interest and attorney’s fees. 

Whatever the end result of the defense, we always strive to ensure that the matter is forever barred against our client and that they are released from any and all liability going forward.

As is the case in any civil defense action, and as opposed to to vehicle injury cases where a person was not at fault and an attorney can represent them on a contingency basis, insurance defense cases require that the client pays the attorney's fees personally on a retainer basis because there is no insurance available for a recovery from which attorneys can recover their fees.

Orlando Attorney Sid Roman expertly represents clients in civil accident defense cases where he seeks to obtain the most positive outcome possible given their situation. Put his expertise to work for you! 

Grounds for Accident Defense Cases

When we represent clients in vehicle defense cases, we evaluate the circumstances of the accident to make a determination as to whether any valid grounds or defense exist in the matter. If they do, we make every effort to have the action dismissed based on the specific defense.  Examples of valid grounds for defense are:

  • Determining whether the Plaintiff’s Harm Is Limited and the plaintiff cannot show that they were injured. 

  • Looking for Contributory Negligence on the part of our client or the other party. 

  • Looking for Comparative Negligence, or dividing the liability among the liable parties.

  • Looking for Assumption of Risk, where a party assumed the risks associated with a dangerous activity and is responsible for their injury. 

  • Looking to Limit Liability for our client in the event of injury or harm to the other party. 

  • Looking for a Superseding Cause where our client is not responsible because they were not the cause of the injury and someone or something else was.

  • Looking for whether an Act of God was involved, i.e., natural disaster. 

Orlando Accident Defense Attorney Sid Roman

Orlando injury attorney Sid Roman

You Deserve Experience and Results

Bilingual Personal Injury Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator Sid Roman believes that people deserve the results their cases merit, and equally important, the personalized attention and focused counsel of their Attorney. In 2013, he started his Injury Law practice with a firm commitment to this philosophy. 


Early in his career, Sid gained extensive experience in Insurance Defense Law while working for The St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company in the areas of Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Products Liability, and Medical & Nursing Home Malpractice. This background, along with his skills as a mediator and his extensive experience in Plaintiff Injury Law, enables him to expertly represent his clients in civil accident defense cases where he seeks to obtain the most positive outcome possible given their specific situation. 

You Deserve Personalized Service and Trusted Counsel 


You deserve an attorney you can speak directly with, and who's responsive to your calls, emails, questions, and concerns. Sid intentionally keeps his practice small so he can give his clients the personalized attention they deserve, and keep them informed every step of the way. You will be able to discuss specifics about your case with him at any point. ​By communicating directly with Sid as your attorney, you will have the knowledge and understanding necessary to make well-informed decisions about your case. 

Book a Consultation* with Sid Today! 

If you've been personally sued for an accident that you were declared at fault for, Attorney Sid Roman would be honored to help you. We recommend starting with a consultation with Sid, which you can book and pay for below. *The consultation fee will be credited toward the retainer when services are retained. 



Our required retainer, payable in advance, is $3,500.00, a modest fee by all standards. We base this retainer on our years of experience and our credentials. Once this retainer is paid, a written Retainer Agreement is executed with the client, and the funds are deposited into a Trust Account that belongs jointly to the Florida Bar and our firm. The funds are then debited on an hourly rate of $375 dollars based on the work performed until the retainer is depleted. If services rendered exceed the initial retainer, the client will be asked to pay an additional retainer. However, if at the end of our legal representation there is any retainer money left, it is promptly refunded to the client. 


To pay for our Accident Defense retainer, please click on the appropriate area below. 

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