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*Price includes 3.5% credit card processing fee.

A retainer is a sum of money paid to a lawyer to guarantee the lawyer’s future availability and secure their services. $3,500 is the minimum initial retainer we require to start work on behalf of a client. This retainer includes approx. 9.3 hours of Mr. Roman's time based on an hourly rate of $375 an hour. Upon receipt of payment, a Retainer Agreement will be provided to client and must be signed by both Mr. Roman and client before representation and work can begin. 


Retainer will be deposited in a Trust Account (IOLTA) owned by Attorney jointly with The Florida Bar or the Colorado Bar, and will be depleted based on work performed, at an hourly rate of $375. As soon as initial minimum retainer  is depleted, an additional retainer of the same amount or more must be purchased in order for work to continue. 


Payment of retainer and work performed does not guarantee a specific outcome, however Mr. Roman will do everything allowed by law to obtain a satisfactory result for his clients. 

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