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Have you been declared at fault for an accident

and given a traffic ticket you believe is in error? 

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Traffic Ticket Defense in Orlando

There are instances where a person has been declared at fault for an accident and has been given a traffic ticket, however, they believe they were declared at fault in error. If this is the case, and depending on the nature of the ticket received, it's possible for them to be represented by an Attorney in Traffic Court to attempt to have their ticket dismissed, and/or have the points on their license adjudicated. 


Orlando Attorney Sid Roman expertly represents clients in traffic ticket defense cases. By carefully evaluating the circumstances of the violation, he determines whether any valid grounds for defense exist, and if so, he makes every effort to have the ticket dismissed. If there is no viable defense and he is not successful in obtaining a dismissal, then he seeks for the  Court to withhold adjudication (not assessing points against his client’s Driver’s License), and possibly reducing the Traffic Ticket fine. 

Traffic Ticket Defense Process

After the client pays our fee and signs our Flat Fee Agreement, the process we follow is as follows: 

  • We look for all possible viable defenses to the Traffic Ticket/Violation. These may include: 

  • Client was not understood by policeman at the scene due to a language or communication barrier.

  • An eyewitness confirms our client’s version of how the accident occurred that asserts our client was not at fault.

  • Client did not violate any traffic law or traffic sign.

  • ​Client had to suddenly stop to avoid impacting an animal or person.


  • We submit a Notice of Appearance to the Court where the traffic ticket has been filed.

Police Cars_edited
  • We receive a Notice of Hearing from the Court and schedule to appear in Court with our client (please note since COVID a lot of these hearings are scheduled online/virtual, eliminating the need to appear personally in court).

  • On the day of the hearing, we appear in Court and present our defense to attempt to get the Traffic Ticket dismissed. 

If there is no viable defense, the possibility if a dismissal still exists if the policeman who wrote the ticket, or an eyewitness to the accident fail to appear in court. However, if we are not successful in getting the Traffic Ticket dismissed, we then ask for the Judge to “withhold” adjudication (not assessing points against our client’s Driver’s License), and to reduce the Traffic Ticket fine. Judges are likely to grant withholding adjudication unless there are numerous previous violations by the defendant, however, seldom will a Judge reduce the Traffic Ticket fine.


If we are successful in getting a person's ticket dismissed, and the person suffered injuries as a result of the accident, we are then able to represent them in an Injury case against the insurance company. Injury representation is done on a contingency basis, at NO COST until we obtain a recovery. 

Orlando Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney Sid Roman

Sid Roman, Orlando bilingual accident and injury attorney

You Deserve Experience and Results

Bilingual Personal Injury Attorney and Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator Sid Roman believes that people deserve the results their cases merit, and equally important, the personalized attention and focused counsel of their Attorney. In 2013, he started his Injury Law practice with a firm commitment to this philosophy. 


Early in his career, Sid gained extensive experience in Insurance Defense Law while working for The St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company. This background, along with his skills as a mediator and his extensive experience in Plaintiff Injury Law, enables him to expertly represent his clients in Traffic Court defense cases where he seeks to obtain the most positive outcome possible given their specific situation. 

You Deserve Personalized Service and Trusted Counsel 


You deserve an attorney you can speak directly with, and who's responsive to your calls, emails, questions, and concerns. Sid intentionally keeps his practice small so he can give his clients the personalized attention they deserve, and keep them informed every step of the way. You will be able to discuss specifics about your case with him at any point. ​By communicating directly with Sid as your attorney, you will have the knowledge and understanding necessary to make well-informed decisions about your case. 

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If you've been given a traffic ticket for an accident that you were declared at fault for, Attorney Sid Roman would be honored to help you. Book and pay online for your consultation with Sid today, and put his experience and successful track record to work for you. Just click on the appropriate area below. 

Accident & Traffic Ticket Defense

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